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Everyone knows fish and chips is one of Britain’s national dishes. But what is it that makes a true British fish and chips?


Carrying on a 150-year tradition


“Chippies” as they’re referred to in the UK have been serving up fish and chips for 150 years, so it’s safe to say that Britain has mastered the dish! Cod or haddock battered and fried to a crispy, golden crunch. Served with a side of thick, hand-cut chips and a helping of mushy peas, or curry sauce.

Here at the  British Chippy, we carry on this great, British tradition. Our fresh, delicious fish and authentic hand cut chips make us your only choice for traditional British fish and chips.

But just like great chippies in the UK, fish and chips aren’t all we have on our menu; battered burgers and sausages, black and white pudding, flaky pies, all handmade! You’ll find plenty of Aussie favourites too, hamburgers, onion rings and pineapple fritters. We’ve even got gluten-friendly options on our menu! (Don’t worry, we avoid any cross-contamination by using our dedicated gluten-friendly fryer!)


Ingredients that are authentic and fresh


At the British Chippy, we’re committed to delivering the delicious food, and that all starts with our ingredients. We source our cod and haddock from Iceland’s pristine waters, and we go through 10-tonnes of locally grown WA potatoes every month! Whenever seasonal availability allows it, we even use home-grown Maris Piper potatoes for the most traditional chips possible.

We’re proud to say all our fish is sustainably sourced, and we work closely with local suppliers to ensure we’re serving the best fish possible while minimizing the impact to our environment. We want to be serving up authentic British fish and chips for years to come, and sustainably sourced ingredients are part of that.


The true taste of British fish & chips at home


Nothing beats the time-honoured taste of British fish & chips, but Perth just might be a better place to enjoy the much-loved dish! Because, let’s face it, is there a more perfect way to enjoy golden-fried fish and chips than in the golden sunshine of Australia?

Here at The British Chippy, we made the long voyage south to bring the classic fish and chips to the sunny shores of WA. There’s a reason our fresh, authentic food has fans travelling all the way to Currambine or Butler! It’s a taste the whole family can enjoy!

If you’re craving a taste of home, or you just want to try the traditional taste. Here at the British Chippy we’re serving up a true British food experience!

Pop in and try to the true taste of British fish and chips today!