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Those warm sunny days are well and truly over now. The rain clouds have arrived, the cold has set in. Winter isn’t coming anymore, it’s here.

Over here at the British Chippy we’re working hard to keep the memory of summer alive and on your dinner plate! We thought we’d try and help you shake away some winter blues and warm up with some piping hot news from us, that’s almost as fresh as our chips!


A revolutionary partnership!


We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with our new neighbours!

Thanks to our friends next door, at Revolution Kitchen & Café, the British Chippy is now pleased to offer our customers a full selection of delicious new beverages! Cappuccinos, hot chocolates, milkshakes and more! So, if you fancy a frappe from us, we’ve got your covered now!

A partnership can’t just go one way though. In return, we’ll be frying up our fresh delicious, fish, chips, battered burgers and jumbo sausages for Revolution Kitchen & Café! Plus, much, much more!

Check out the ‘From the Chippy’ section of their revolutionary new menu to see everything that’s on offer!


Complimentary cuppas!


There aren’t many things that we rate higher than authentic, British fish and chips. But if there’s anything that can compete, it’s a fresh cup of English breakfast tea!

Are you planning on dining in with us? Then help yourself to a complimentary cup of tea (or two!) on us! After all, what goes better with Britain’s national dish, than Britain’s national drink!?

We love to have a chinwag over a cuppa with our dine-in guests! Come and see us soon and let us know all about your latest news!


Thanks for the feedback!


We’ve received so many lovely reviews from our customers over the last month, we just wanted to take a moment to say thanks! We want you to know we’re listening! Your feedback is important to us and we read every single one. It means the world to us when you take a moment to pen us a little review and let us know what we’re getting right. (Or wrong!) The British Chippy is always proud to be providing not only great tasting food, but great service too.


Winter opening hours!


The sun is setting sooner, but you don’t have to worry our opening hours are still the same!
Here’s when you can find us frying!

Mon-Wed 4.00-8.30pm
Thursday 4.00pm-9.00pm
Fri & Sat 12.00-9.00pm
Sunday 12.00-8.30pm

Any day’s the perfect day for fish & chips, no matter the weather! Pop in and see us and grab a taste of summer again! Hope to see you down at the Chippy soon!